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Credit Agricole with Wellbeing Leader 2019 certificate

The Wellbeing Institute certifies organizations in six areas: health awareness, relationships, workplace, organisational culture, systems and processes. In the case of Credit Agricole Bank Polska (CABP), the importance of work regulations, remuneration, health and safety at work, as well as actions in the field of equality and counteracting mobbing or access to various forms of education were important. Internal programs were also appreciated, such as: Sharing knowledge (in which employees conduct meetings and development workshops for other employees), powerON (a program in which the bank inspires employees to manage energy not only at work, but also in non-work life). The results of the annual survey, which confirm an increase in employee satisfaction in areas such as cooperation, communication and well-beating, also had a key value in the certification process.

– For years, we have been creating a unique workplace in which people feel good and fulfill their professions. It would not be possible if the organization saw its employees as only tools to achieve their business goals – says Beata Janczur, Vice-President of the Management Board of CABP. – I am glad that this approach was appreciated by Wellbeing Institut. The certificate confirms that the involvement of employees in the development of wellbeing programs is a guarantee of their effectiveness.

The Wellbeing Leader 2019 certificate and statuette were received by the bank in exceptional circumstances, because during the meeting summing up the Power Sports Challenge at CABP. It was attended by employees involved in the initiative and representatives of the Wellbeing Institute, who additionally gave a lecture on wellbeing organizations. And in October, the institute's website will feature an overview of the distinguished welfare practices at CABP.

Wellbeing Institute was established to support organizations in their activities related to the welfare of employees, and thus improve the quality of life of people. By offering innovative solutions, products of the highest quality and expert knowledge, it shows companies how to create a workplace in which employees feel satisfied and satisfied, and the organization easily achieves its business goals.

The distinction awarded to the bank fits perfectly with the philosophy of the entire Crédit Agricole Group, which is among the 10 largest financial groups in the world in terms of asset value, is also a leader in universal banking in France and the largest insurer in Europe. In the recently announced strategy of the Group, man invariably occupies an important place.

– We are a responsible organization, supporting the surrounding communities. We listen to our clients to respond to their needs. Similarly, we take care of the needs of our employees. The experience of the employee and the customer in cooperation with the bank is equally important to us. This allows us to build committed teams and long-term customer relationships. – adds Beata Janczur.

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