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CABP takes over the care of the hearing impaired

– For us at CABP, listening is very important because we are considered in Poland as a bank that is famous for listening to clients' needs. Some customers have hearing difficulties, but they are just as important to us as everyone else. That's why we decided to show them our concern in an unusual way: we took a group of hearing impaired people to a concert by the most popular Polish singer, David Podsiadło, so that they could experience the emotion of experiencing live music. For many of them it was the first concert in their lives and the emotions were enormous – for us, too," recalls Przemysław Przybylski, responsible for CSR activities at Credit Agricole.

On the bank's initiative, special devices were installed in the concert hall to amplify the sound of music and eliminate noise. Thanks to this, people with hearing aids in their ears could hear the lyrics and jokes of the vocalist between the songs. 

Some bank branches in large cities will soon be equipped with similar amplification devices. The bank's CSR strategy also provides for branches to be equipped with a remote sign language translation system.

– We also want to raise the awareness of our employees and sensitize them to the needs of this specific group of customers. They do not recognize themselves as disabled people, but as people who speak a different language than everyone else around them. And this is how we want to treat them – emphasizes Przemysław Przybylski.

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